Rasbavana - THE ORB

A vision, to deliver excellence to the world.

Affixed to the seabed of the turquoise lagoon, engineered to resemble a floating glass ball, THE ORB is designed to create and capture a timeless affair that exhibits a world-class experience. The architectural marvel will be the first of its kind and would redefine the global structural construction in the sea, hosting well-crafted levels assembled by analysing and understanding every element of the structure to Optimise the space to deliver a unique venture. The dedicated Marine and Oceanic Research Institute is located on land and is connected via a platform through a curved structure, The Crescent that complements the ORB. This is the dream and idea we have for the most prestigious project in the Maldives.

THE ORB is designed to portray the obsession for football in Maldives. This project will create history of the world’s largest football shaped structure, both, on land and on water. This monument will be eligible to break over twenty- five (25) Guinness World Records.

A preliminary vision of the project is to prompt a model of diversified tourism. To channel a route, redesigned to change the traditional idea of tourism in Maldives. To create an opportunity for world-class events, exhibitions, seminars, sports, and research with the likes of Event tourism, Sports tourism, Research tourism and Marine tourism. The diversity adds value to the experience and to the tourism industry. This produces the effect of direct impact and recognition of the economy. As a company we can become a leader in change and redefine what’s possible, but as a nation we can do so much more.

Our unique geographical terrain presents us with the opportunity to establish an Oceanic and Marine Research Institute. The exceptional depth in the marine life would make Maldives one of the most recognised marine biosphere around the world. One of the world’s most prestigious marine research institute has expressed their interest to partner with us for the project. This research Institute would educate and represent the universal marine community in publishing research material.

THE ORB project has received the support and commitment from some of the world’s largest construction firms, architectural firms, highly ranked project consultants, one of the oldest and largest marine research institutes in the world, some of the world’s largest hotelier groups, acclaimed restauranteurs and universal brands, multiple financial institutes and consultants.

We believe that THE ORB is a vision, to deliver excellence to the world.