AAHITHA - The Water City

Aahitha is a vision to create a page that rewrites the history of adventure and Maldives, the centre piece of its creation. Aahitha will be an amusement park designed for Maldives with an intension to present an experience that portraits an unexplored dimension of adventure and Maldives. The perfect integration of land, lagoon and sea will entice the world outside into a world of its own, with elements within the theme park tailor made to optimise the beauty and possibilities within the natural surroundings in creating a majestic show, engineered to entertain, experience and engage in an environment built to redefine the art of thrill.

The water city will integrate various unique elements elevating the city to a fully fledged water city that represents the vision of an iconic modern community implementing some of the most ambitious and brightest ideas in relation to adventure, entertainment and water that aid and drive in pushing the limits of engineering and design, a beat that sings ahead of time.